the indoor forest project

'Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better'

Albert Einstein

About the Indoor Forest Project

The Indoor Forest at Northcity4 is a large, permanent air-cleansing indoor garden – a lush forest indoors! An experimental and so far one-of-a-kind undertaking in Australia, the project began in 2014 as a collaboration between artist Inari Kiuru and a non-profit arts organisation Northcity4 when they won, enabled by strong local support, a Bank of Melbourne grant to build the garden.

The Indoor Forest installation forNorthcity4, a jewellery community and artist studios in Brunswick (Victoria, Australia), was researched and designed by Inari and realised in collaboration with NC4. The work is based on NASA research on air-purifying indoor plants, created to work along the conventional air-filtering systems at the NC4 studios, as well as to educate and delight artists and visitors. The forest consists of large containers of plant species which help clean the air, and also works as an interactive art installation providing space to sit, contemplate and listen to natural sounds.

In the early autumn next year, a project report and an indoor gardening resource page will be released at the NC4 website, for the wider public to access freely. After the launch of the installation, the forest will be open for the public to view on selected studio open days in the future. Inari will develop the Indoor Forest Project into a service of providing advice, inspiration and practical help with indoor plants for all new (or even more seasoned!) gardeners.

Please follow this website, The Indoor Forest Project Facebook page and IFP in Instagram for more information (see all further links under Learn more), and watch the project evolve and grow. Please get in touch for any questions or ideas – contact link above!

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